The Five Million Minute Challenge
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Activity Minutes


Last fall, Mayor Chris Beutler challenged our community to make healthy living a top priority. Two of his five goals focused on Lincoln residents getting more activity each week. That's why the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln is challenging you to get moving--and it's not too late to join in the fun!

Move More Lincoln is an easy way to track your physical activity, by yourself or as part of a group, so Lincoln can reach five million minutes of movement by September 14. Whether it's mowing the lawn, walking the dog, running or dancing--it all adds up! So sign up today and start logging your minutes.

It's free, easy and there's never a better time than now!


Moving Words

Check out these moving words from WorkWell about how to get a better night's rest!

Sleep Well, From WorkWell

Everyone knows how a poor night of sleep can affect you  the next day.  You may just think you’re feeling tired, but sleep deprivation can affect  many facets of your more