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Activity Minutes


Thank you to everyone who logged minutes for Move More Lincoln: The Five Million Minute Challenge. With your help, we reached (and surpassed) our goal! Since there isn't currently a fitness challenge underway, we won't be updating our website and social media over the fall and winter, but check back in the spring to find out what you can expect next!

Last fall, Mayor Chris Beutler challenged our community to make healthy living a top priority. Two of his five goals focused on Lincoln residents getting more activity each week. That's why the Community Health Endowment of Lincoln is challenging you to get moving!

Move More Lincoln is an easy way to track your physical activity, by yourself or as part of a group. Our community logged more than 5 million minutes during our 2014 summer challenge and, while Move More Lincoln doesn't currently have a fitness challenge underway, you can still log your minutes here or with our mobile app. Whether it's mowing the lawn, walking the dog, running or dancing--it all adds up! So sign up today and start logging your minutes.

It's free, easy and there's never a better time than now to start moving more! Check back in the spring to find out what's next for Move More Lincoln!


Moving Words

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